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New generation architecture

We design and build passive houses with a bioclimatic approach. We offer turnkey solutions that combine architectural innovation and sustainability. Our commitment: to create efficient, comfortable and environmentally friendly spaces.

Turnkey house
zero worries

  • Customised architectural project.
  • Administrative procedures and building permits.
  • State-of-the-art technology and home automation.
  • Photovoltaic panels.
  • Aerothermics with double-flow ventilation.
  • Greywater reclamation.
  • Wide range of finishes.
  • Closed quotation, turnkey.

* Does not include swimming pool (optional), taxes and building licence.

Water use

With our advanced grey water recycling system you save 148,000 litres per year.

Energy Saving

You recover up to €100,000 over a period of 30 years thanks to the excellent level of energy efficiency.

Avant-garde architecture

Fully customised design so that your new home fits your vision and needs.

Excellent customer service, I am delighted to be able to support the concept and take advantage of sustainable home building with an experienced and environmentally friendly team.


Construction system

We propose an innovative construction system with a methodology controlled at all times and in real time, which guarantees a closed budget with no surprises, a shorter execution time than conventional construction and an optimum level of comfort and efficiency of the home.


We opt for environmentally friendly materials and high energy efficiency. Our houses not only stand out for their sustainable construction, but also for their durability and minimum maintenance, making the difference.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is crucial in today's construction. Zero Consumption House seeks the highest standard in Europe with Applus+ certification, guaranteeing solidity and adaptation to climatic demands with specific technology and materials.


Thanks to the advanced air renewal and purification system of the dual-flow ventilation systems, superior air quality is guaranteed.

Smart house

We integrate home automation technology into our projects to offer comfort and customised control. From lighting systems, air conditioning to blinds. We provide efficient and connected homes for a personalised and intuitive experience.

Customised design

We custom design each project, working closely with our clients to translate their individual visions into passive homes that reflect their unique lifestyle and needs.
Do you want to make your dream home a reality?

Tell us your needs to get a personalised proposal.

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    Invest now
    Save later

    • Reduce your electricity and water bills thanks to the high efficiency and insulation of the construction system.
    • Improved thermal and acoustic comfort thanks to the waterproofing of the housing structure.
    • Take care of your health by improving indoor air quality and home insulation.
    • Enhance the value of your home thanks to high technology and new generation architectural design.
    • Reduce your carbon footprint with sustainable building materials and techniques.
    • Live in the future with our advanced home automation systems included in all projects.



    From the first contact, we take the reins of project management so you can relax. We have multilingual architects, quantity surveyors, site managers and administrative staff to accompany you throughout the process.

    Architecture and construction are complex processes that require the coordination of multiple activities and professionals to ensure that projects are completed successfully. You will have a single project manager who will be your point of contact throughout the entire management.


    Choose the plot

    Choose the ideal plot for your new home in any region of Catalonia, we also have several plots with a wide range of prices and sizes in the Garraf area.

    Design your home

    Our architects will help you to give shape to your dreams and ideas and will advise you creatively with designs you can't even imagine.

    Building licence

    Thanks to our holistic management, you don't have to worry about anything. We take care of all the necessary permits.


    We help you to get the best conditions for your mortgage for the construction of your home.


    Our architects and quantity surveyors visit the site periodically, supervising that the construction work is being carried out in accordance with the project, in terms of measurements, materials and qualities.

    Completion of work

    You enjoy your home from minute 0 after the completion of the work with the handover of the keys.


    Bioclimatic architecture optimises comfort and energy efficiency. It harnesses natural resources to create sustainable spaces, reducing costs and positively minimising environmental impact.



    We build your wishes and accompany you throughout the process, thanks to the integration of our architecture office and construction company, we can offer you a comprehensive process. We invest in state-of-the-art efficiency systems, our passive house will allow you to save €100,000* in energy in the long term. Passive houses consume on average 5 times less energy than conventional houses.

    Live the way you want to live

    Forget about electricity and gas bills.