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Architecture and construction company

for turnkey custom passive house projects


Our architectural office with ...

experience in housing realisation
personalized with integral management of the project.


Specialized architectural firm

in efficient turnkey homes.


We build the most efficient houses on the market,

custom-made by our architects.
We take care of the entire construction project.



We are a team of architects and builders at your disposal. We take care of the whole process. Do you want to meet us?


Mas Alba House

Mas Alba house is a beautiful residence that harmoniously integrates with the natural surroundings. Natural light gently filters through the expansive windows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that conveys a sense of harmony and continuity with the surrounding landscape.

Malvasia House

The play of volumes controls the natural light and privacy in this wonderful home.

Sitges House

Open and diaphanous spaces are mixed with sinuosity. Touches of wood and contrast with the blue of the water. A sea of peace and tranquility.

Benefits of an energy certification

It is essential to consider energy efficiency as an added value. At CasaConsumoCero, we focus on ensuring a high level of comfort throughout the year with minimal energy costs.

A ZeroConsumptionHouse produces more energy than it needs, thus achieving the highest standards in its energy certification.

The maximum quality guarantee of a CasaConsumoCero is backed by a double Applus+ certification:

About us

We are a multidisciplinary team of architects, surveyors, engineers, decorators, designers, interior designers, marketing and communication professionals, computer scientists, accountants and administrators.

All focused on one thing: you and your project.

What do we do?

We design and build state-of-the-art efficient homes, adapted to your needs.

Construction system

We propose an innovative construction system with a controlled methodology at all times and in real-time, ensuring a fixed budget without surprises, a shorter construction time compared to conventional methods, and an optimal level of comfort and efficiency for the home.



Construction has evolved in recent years towards the selection of materials with a lower environmental impact and a greater energy efficiency. In addition, our concern goes beyond the construction process. We understand that the materials used require minimal maintenance and offer excellent durability, which sets CasaConsumoCero apart from conventional construction methods.


Energy efficiency

It is essential to consider energy efficiency as an added value when it comes to a house. Modern constructions pay attention to this aspect, and CasaConsumoCero focuses on achieving the highest standard of energy efficiency in Europe with the Applus+ certification.

The construction system, the use of specific materials, and cutting-edge technology make CasaConsumoCero an option that is well-suited to the needs imposed by climate change, providing reliability and security.



Absolutely, the impact of a home on our health should not be underestimated. A house can have a significant influence on our well-being.

A healthy home is one that ensures good air quality, free from microorganisms. It maximizes the use of natural light and is constructed with materials that do not emit harmful substances or cause humidity-related issues. Moreover, it promotes a high level of thermal and acoustic comfort, contributing to a healthy living environment.


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    The Casas Consumo Cero project, obviously based on custom creation, deserves all the excellence of the home of the future: innovative technologies, unprecedented environmental solutions, design intelligence, material consistency, flawless execution, strong and timeless aesthetics.