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Global 360º Service for the construction of your new home

We design, build, and manage the entire process of your new home in the Barcelona area. We assist you in the construction and management of your new residence. We specialize in providing a comprehensive support service for international families. Come meet us!

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Exclusive Design

Customized house to your liking.

We reduce energy consumption

We are committed to the health of your family and the environment.

Global support throughout the management

We leave no loose ends. We manage everything you need in the area. Whether it's in creating your new home or handling external processes.

International Team

We are accustomed to understanding your needs and how important it is to be able to communicate in the desired language. That's why we have our international team.

We offer the best services to simplify your life.

What do we do?

We are a global architecture and construction services company specialized in serving international clients who want to create their home in the Barcelona area. We offer a comprehensive 360° management and support service.

Global international customer service

We understand the challenges of embarking on a new housing project outside your home country, which is why we offer comprehensive support services. With our experience in working with international clients in building their homes in Spain, we are well aware of the requirements and needs that must be met. Our team will accompany you throughout the entire management and planning process.

Design and construction of a customized single-family house 

Many of our clients face the situation where acquiring a pre-owned property is more expensive than building one from scratch, with the advantage of being able to customize it to your liking and incorporate the latest market technologies. That's why we offer a comprehensive service for the construction of new homes.

Legal formalities

Accustomed to dealing with the legal and financial intricacies involved in starting a life in the Barcelona area, a few years ago we opened a legal department dedicated to handling all the necessary documentation and administrative tasks related to international clients who want to build their new home.

International Team

We have a multilingual team to provide excellent service.

Concerned about the health of the environment

Our philosophy and values are based on environmental awareness and responsibility. That's why our constructions are among the most efficient in Europe and hold certifications for their sustainability.

More than 15 years of experience 

For many years, we have been helping families fulfill their dream of creating a home in the Barcelona area. Would you like to be one of them?

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