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Single-family residential


Estimated delivery in summer 2025

In the heart of the Garraf Natural Park and only five minutes from Sitges, the new Albaflor development offers peaceful living in green surroundings.

Your New Home, Sustainable and Modern

Discover Albaflor, an exclusive residential complex, where comfort and sustainability come together in perfect harmony. Our 6 two-storey single-family homes, located in the charming enclave of Mas Alba (5 minutes from Sitges), offer an ideal space to grow and thrive. With 4 spacious bedrooms and an office, each home is designed to meet your every need, including a luxurious master suite with bathroom and dressing room. Live close to vibrant Sitges, enjoying a peaceful and natural environment – read on to find out more about your future home in Albaflor!


The interiors of Albaflor reflect a spacious and bright design, where every detail has been carefully selected to offer maximum comfort. High quality materials enhance each space, creating cosy and modern atmospheres. Enjoy spacious open-plan rooms that connect harmoniously with the exterior, offering a home where style and functionality are in perfect harmony.


At Albaflor, comfort extends beyond the walls of your home. Each 400m² plot offers spacious gardens that invite you to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The natural surroundings, combined with the four-sided architecture of the house, guarantee privacy and an unrivalled connection with nature.

Building Specifications


Albaflor’s structure is built with lightweight FSC-certified timber framing, which stands out for its durability and sustainability. This construction method significantly reduces the carbon footprint, combining robustness with a deep respect for the environment.

Label A+

Albaflor homes have an A+ energy rating, ensuring maximum efficiency. This translates into lower energy consumption and a comfortable indoor environment, promoting a sustainable lifestyle.


The facades have a contemporary design with high quality materials. We use ventilated cladding that provides thermal and acoustic insulation, guaranteeing comfort and energy efficiency all year round.


The interior coverings combine elegance and durability. We use natural materials such as stone, marble and wood, selected for their timeless aesthetics and ability to create cosy and sophisticated atmospheres.

Interior carpentry

Albaflor’s interior carpentry stands out for its flexibility of finishes. We use insulating materials such as PVC and Aluminium with high quality lacquers and textures that give a unique touch to each space, ensuring exceptional durability.

Exterior carpentry

The windows and exterior doors are made of aluminium and PVC joinery. These materials offer excellent resistance and insulation, contributing to energy efficiency and providing security and elegance.

Constructive Method

New generation construction with advanced pre-industrialised methods, combining traditional and modern techniques to optimise energy efficiency. Bioclimatic construction and the use of sustainable materials guarantee a healthy and comfortable home.


Albaflor floors are of high quality, using materials such as parquet, porcelain stoneware and laminated parquet. Each choice is designed to bring warmth, elegance and durability to interior spaces.


Home automation technology offers total control of the home. Intelligent systems manage climate control, lighting, security and entertainment, providing comfort and efficiency in everyday life.

Air conditioning

The air-conditioning system uses advanced aerothermics and dual-flow ventilation. This ensures an ideal temperature in all seasons, optimising energy consumption and guaranteeing healthy indoor air.


The kitchens are equipped with state-of-the-art appliances and a wide range of finishes in colours and textures. The open-plan and functional design integrates high quality materials, creating a perfect space for cooking and socialising.


Albaflor bathrooms combine design and functionality with premium materials such as marble and porcelain. Equipped with modern toilets and water-saving systems, they offer an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.

In the heart of Garraf and 5 minutes from Sitges.

Living in Albaflor means being immersed in nature without giving up the advantages of urban life. The proximity to the Garraf Natural Park allows residents to explore trails, enjoy the local flora and fauna, and live in harmony with the natural environment. At the same time, the proximity to the beaches of the Costa Dorada adds a touch of Mediterranean luxury, ideal for weekend getaways or daily recreational activities.

Albaflor on the Map

Casa Consumo Cerro, Specialists in Sustainable Architecture

A team of professionals dedicated to your life project. Engineers, architects, planners, interior designers, site managers focused on achieving the highest standard of quality with extensive experience in sustainable architecture.



Model 1

136 m2 / 4 rooms + 3 baths

568.000 €

Model 2

155 m2 / 4 rooms + 3 baths

669.000 €

Model 3

167 m2 / 4 rooms + 3 baths

698.000 €

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