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Bioclimatic houses

The new way of living

Bioclimatic dwellings are sustainable constructions that seek to optimise the natural resources of the environment in which they are located in order to minimise their environmental impact. They are dwellings with an ecological approach in their design and construction that aim to use as little energy as possible while guaranteeing optimal habitability conditions.


Bioclimatic houses, in order to guarantee their airtightness, are subjected to a test called Blower door: by placing a watertight tarpaulin with a calibrated fan on the door of the house, the interior is pressurised or depressurised to check its airtightness.

Sustainable and quality materials

The materials used to manufacture and insulate a bioclimatic house: their extraction must be environmentally friendly (taking into account not only the impact on the ecosystem, but also the possibility of their renewal and recycling), the energy required for their extraction, as well as the emissions generated by them.

Ventilation system

The ventilation system with heat exchanger, which guarantees the renewal of excellent quality indoor air at a comfortable temperature; free cooling at night to cool the home exposed to high temperatures during the day; or air conditioning technologies with low environmental impact, such as aerothermal energy.

Bioclimatic architecture

Bioclimatic architecture refers to the design of the house based on the local climate, with the idea of providing thermal comfort by taking advantage of environmental sources, as well as an aesthetic integration with the environment.

Solar Energy

The most important is to protect our planet from climate change: collecting and harnessing the sun's rays effectively reduces the use of fossil fuels, eliminates greenhouse gas emissions and achieves energy self-sufficiency.

Efficiency and Sustainability

Savings. Although the costs of a green building may increase slightly by 3% to 8%, the investment will pay for itself within five to ten years.

What is a bioclimatic house?

A “bioclimatic” house designates a dwelling conceived and designed to limit energy consumption. In fact, the idea is to make the most of the natural sources of heat and cold in the environment.

During the winter, its orientation towards the sun helps to extract its natural energy, to warm up and to be naturally illuminated by the sun’s light and rays. During the summer, architectural elements are used to limit sun exposure and cool the house.

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