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Modular home project 3 in 1

Includes: Design + Permits + Construction

Energy Eficient

Modular passive houses drastically reduce energy consumption.

Thermal Comfort

Thanks to their excellent insulation and controlled ventilation, passive houses maintain a stable temperature.

Long-term economic savings

The energy efficiency of passive houses translates into lower heating, cooling and electricity costs.

Indoor Air Quality

Designed with ventilation systems that provide fresh, filtered air, guaranteeing high indoor air quality.

Environmental Sustainability

Passive houses contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions by using fewer energy resources.

Durability and Quality of Construction

Modular passivhauses are more durable and of superior quality, requiring less maintenance over time.

The house of your dreams
from 370.000 €.

No obligation quotation

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    Explore our modular homes, the evolution in construction that offers customized projects with faster production times than traditional construction. Discover the perfect combination of speed and customization for your new home.

    Modular Turnkey House Package

    • Customised architectural project.
    • Administrative procedures and building permits.
    • State-of-the-art technology and home automation.
    • Photovoltaic panels.
    • Aerothermics.
    • Dual-flow ventilation.
    • Greywater reclamation.
    • Wide range of finishes.
    • Closed quotation, turnkey.

    * Does not include swimming pool (optional), taxes and building licence.

    Excellent customer service, I am thrilled to be able to support the concept and leverage sustainable home building with an experienced and environmentally friendly team.




    Desde la primera toma de contacto, cogemos las riendas de la gestión del proyecto para que puedas relajarte. Contamos con arquitectos, aparejadores, directores de obra y administrativos multilingües para que te acompañen en todo el proceso. La arquitectura y la construcción son procesos complejos que requieren la coordinación de múltiples actividades y profesionales para asegurar que los proyectos se completen con éxito. Contarás con un único project manager que será tu punto de contacto durante toda la gestión.

    The modular house of your dreams in any location in Catalonia

    We design, build and plan the ideal modular house for you with a closed budget and turnkey in Barcelona, Lleida, Tarragona, and Girona. We also have several plots of land in the Sitges area.