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360º Method

Relax and leave the management to us.

Architecture and construction are complex processes that require the coordination of multiple activities and professionals to ensure that projects are completed successfully. With our holistic project methodology, we accompany you at all times and take care of all the arrangements. All you have to do is relax and let us advise you, you are in good hands.

01. Design

The design phase is essential to any construction project. During this stage the architect works with the client to create a plan that meets their needs and objectives, while complying with legal and technical requirements.

02. Permits and Connections

Obtaining the necessary permits and making the required connections is vital in order to start construction. Your project manager coordinates permitting and contracting with the necessary professionals to ensure that everything is in order before construction begins.

03. Construction

Construction is the phase in which the plan is executed according to the design. During this stage, the architects ensure that the project is progressing according to plan. In addition, the quantity surveyor oversees the quality of the work and ensures that safety standards are met.

04. Finishing

Once construction is complete, the team coordinates the finalisation of the project. This includes hiring professionals and dealing with the public administrations to ensure that all the documentation is in order and that the project is ready for you to enjoy your new home.

05. Enter to live

The last step is the best, enjoy your new home with your loved ones with the peace of mind of our post-delivery service for any necessary management.

Excellent customer service, I am delighted to be able to support the concept and take advantage of sustainable home building with an experienced and environmentally friendly team.

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