Quintmar House

Change of volumes

The change of volumes controls the natural light and privacy in this wonderful home.

“In short, the Quint Mar house is an architectural project that combines modern and minimalist design with the integration of nature and energy efficiency.”

400m2 Quint Mar house

This single-family house in the shape of a cube is an exceptional example of modern and functional architectural design for sloping terrain. With a surface area of 400 m2, this residence maximizes the surroundings and offers a contemporary and versatile home for its residents. The cube-shaped design, along with the integration of different volumes, creates a distinctive and attractive look that harmonizes with the topography of the land.

Design and layout: The cube-shaped design of this house elegantly and efficiently adapts to the sloping terrain. The different volumes that compose it conform to the natural slope, allowing for a well-planned distribution of spaces and a harmonious integration with the surroundings. The volumes are strategically organized, creating levels and terraces that adapt to the land, maximizing panoramic views and taking advantage of natural light.

Interior spaces: The interior of the cube-shaped single-family house is characterized by its spaciousness and brightness. The open and fluid spaces offer a sense of connection and flow between the living areas, dining room, and kitchen. Large windows and sliding glass doors allow ample light to enter and provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

The distribution of the different volumes creates private areas for bedrooms and bathrooms, ensuring the comfort and privacy of the residents. These spaces are designed with special attention to detail and high-quality materials, providing an elegant and cozy atmosphere.

Terraces and outdoor areas: The terraces and outdoor areas are prominent features of this cube-shaped single-family house. Taking advantage of the slope of the terrain, different levels of terraces are created, offering spaces for entertainment, relaxation, and connection with nature. These outdoor areas can be used to enjoy the outdoors, host outdoor meals, cultivate gardens, or simply relax while contemplating the surrounding landscape.

Sustainability and efficiency: The design of this house also focuses on sustainability and energy efficiency. Eco-friendly materials are used, and features are incorporated to maximize energy efficiency, such as LED lighting systems, thermal insulation, and rainwater harvesting systems for garden irrigation.