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The passive house of your dreams in Canyelles

The passive house of your dreams in Canyelles


Tailor-made project

Passive house

The best efficiency rate in the EU

360º System

Zero worries, turnkey

Self-sufficient housing

Zero electricity and water costs forever

Home automation

Incorporated in all projects

Sustainable construction

Use of environmentally friendly materials

The house of your dreams
from 440.000€.

Presupuesto sin compromisos

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    Excellent customer service, I am thrilled to be able to support the concept and leverage sustainable home building with an experienced and environmentally friendly team.


    Turnkey house pack
    zero worries

    • Plot of your choice included.
    • Customised architectural project.
    • Administrative procedures and building permits.
    • State-of-the-art technology and home automation.
    • Photovoltaic panels.
    • Aerothermics with double-flow ventilation.
    • Greywater reclamation.
    • Wide range of finishes.
    • Closed quotation, turnkey.

    * Does not include swimming pool (optional), taxes and building license.

    The house of your dreams in Canyelles,
    between Vilanova and Vilafranca.

    Diseñamos, construimos y planificamos la casa ideal para ti junto con la elección del terreno con presupuesto cerrado y llave en mano. Tenemos diferentes parcelas en propiedad en Canyelles, a solo 15 minutos de Sitges, Vilanova y Vilafranca,
    ¡Ven a descubrirlas!

    Invest now
    Save later

    • Reduce your electricity and water bills thanks to the high efficiency and insulation of the construction system.
    • Improves thermal and acoustic comfort thanks to the waterproofing of the housing structure.
    • Care for your health by improving indoor air quality and home insulation.
    • Upgrade your home thanks to high-tech and new-generation architectural design.
    • Reduce your carbon footprint with sustainable building materials and techniques.
    • Live in the future with our advanced home automation systems included in every project.

    Between Vilanova, Sitges and

    Canyelles, a Mediterranean paradise nestled between the mountains and the Garraf coast, offers an idyllic setting in which to settle down and build your home. With its rural charm and proximity to golden beaches, this picturesque Catalan village captivates with its serene natural beauty and year-round mild climate. Its spacious grounds provide the perfect opportunity to design and build a personalised home, immersed in the tranquillity of the surroundings and the welcoming culture of its inhabitants. Canyelles is the ideal destination for those seeking a relaxed lifestyle in harmony with nature and the local community.

    An ideal place to live near Sitges and Vilanova in the countryside.



    Tú diriges la obra. Decides cómo quieres tu casa y qué aspectos son prioritarios para ti en su diseño y en su distribución. Escuchamos todas tus necesidades y adaptamos el diseño de los espacios para que tu casa sea práctica y funcional. Un lugar donde la naturaleza es la protagonista. ¡El tiempo es oro!


    Choose your plot

    Choose the ideal land for your new home in Mas Alba, we have several plots with a wide range of prices and sizes.

    Design your house

    Our architects will help you give shape to your dreams and ideas and will advise you creatively with designs you can't even imagine.

    Building permit

    Thanks to our holistic management, you don't have to worry about anything. We take care of all the necessary permits.


    We help you get the best conditions for your home construction mortgage.


    Our architect and the quantity surveyor visit the construction site periodically, supervise that the construction works are being carried out according to the project, in terms of measurements, materials, qualities.

    Completion of work

    You enjoy your home from minute 0 after the completion of the work with the delivery of keys.



    Construimos tus deseos y te acompañamos en todo el proceso, gracias a la integración de nuestro despacho de arquitectura y constructora, podemos ofrecerte un proceso integral. Invertimos en sistemas de eficiencia de última generación, nuestra vivienda pasiva te permitirá un gran ahorro en energía a largo plazo valorado en 100.000 €*. Las casas pasivas consumen de media 5 veces menos energía que las convencionales.



    Desde la primera toma de contacto, cogemos las riendas de la gestión del proyecto para que puedas relajarte. Contamos con arquitectos, aparejadores, directores de obra y administrativos multilingües para que te acompañen en todo el proceso. La arquitectura y la construcción son procesos complejos que requieren la coordinación de múltiples actividades y profesionales para asegurar que los proyectos se completen con éxito. Contarás con un único project manager que será tu punto de contacto durante toda la gestión.

    Vive como deseas vivir

    Forget about electricity and gas bills.