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Meet Our Team

Multidisciplinary and creative profiles

Committed to sustainability

At Casa Consumo Cero we are committed to creating a sustainable and energy-efficient future for everyone. Our mission is to provide innovative and accessible solutions that allow homes to reduce their environmental impact and achieve near-zero energy consumption. Our team consists of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the industry with a great passion for sustainability and energy efficiency, dedicated to providing our customers with the tools and knowledge needed to transform their homes into spaces environmentally friendly.

CEO, Founder

Phillipe Castaing

With more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, construction and project management, Phillipe is the founding partner of Casa Consumo Cero, a project where he unites his values of sustainability and his passion for architecture.

CFO, Founder

Jenny Komlos

Jenny has more than 10 years of experience in the real estate sector. Sustainability and ecology are not only her values, but her way of life, her mission is to make this world a greener place. Casa Consumo Cero is the seed of these values, a union between architecture and sustainability.


Oriol Prenafeta

With a strong background and career in architecture and a deep dedication to innovative design, Oriol fuses modern functionality with environmentally friendly building practices. His avant-garde approach is reflected in every project, creating aesthetic spaces that incorporate eco-efficient technologies. As a key part of our team, Oriol is committed to transforming homes into living examples of eco-conscious architecture. Discover how Oriol’s unique vision can make your home a sustainable and elegant space. Welcome to the future of sustainable architecture with Oriol and Casa Consumo Cero!


Tristan Velasco

Discover the sustainable vision of Tristan Velasco, our lead architect at Casa Consumo Cero. With a strong background in architecture and a passion for innovative design, Tristan creates modern spaces that uniquely integrate contemporary aesthetics and sustainability. His approach focuses on using eco-friendly materials and efficient technologies, transforming each project into a living example of conscious architecture. Join us in creating stylish and sustainable homes with Tristan’s distinctive expertise.


Anna Balz

As Director of Casa Consumo Cero, Anna Balz leads our vision towards a sustainable future with a strong academic background backed by a Master’s Degree in Business Management and Strategic Planning from ESERP Business & Law School. With a multidisciplinary approach, Anna also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management from the University of South Wales, complemented by trilingual skills acquired during her training at Kolping-Bildungswerk.

With a distinguished career in business management, Anna has proven expertise in leading teams to success. Her holistic vision and commitment to sustainability make Anna Balz the ideal leader to steer Casa Consumo Cero towards a successful business and ecological future.