Garantía Casa Madera Eco

We are experienced constructors of Energy Efficient Houses with zero energy consumption. In this section you can learn a little more about what we do and with what materials we work.

Que te garantizamos

The main point to keep in mind is that the houses we build are design houses, where aesthetics prevail along with eco-responsibility. The wood is part of the structure but it is not visible.

Your zero consumption house will always give you significant energy performance. RT 2020 certificate, it is 12 times more insulating than concrete. Therefore, you will see a significant reduction in your energy bills.

An ultra-resistant material

Wood is a solid, strong and durable material. In the Scandinavian countries, most of the houses are built precisely of wood due to its good resistance to cold. But wood is just as heat resistant.

Et’s simple, flexible and modular

Because wood is flexible and strong, builders can get creative. It will also be easier to do extension work with a wooden frame than with other materials.

PFor a well insulated house

Wood has strong insulation qualities, both thermal and acoustic. Wood insulates 15 times better than concrete, 450 times more than steel and 1,700 times more than aluminum.

An ecological material

Fully renewable, wood is the only material that helps combat climate change, mainly by reducing greenhouse gases . In fact, 1m³ of wood prevents the emission of 1.1 tons of CO2..


Experienced constructors

We are a team with 20+ years of experience in construction and for 10 years in responsible construction of ecological wood.

Best materials

We select the best quality of naturally treated wood for you.

High speed construction

The advantage of a wooden structure, pre-industrialized in our factories, that we can deliver your house to you in 10 months turnkey.

Guarantee of durability

Wood is one of the strongest materials to build your home. The most innovative countries such as the United States, Canada ... have been using wood for their constructions for decades

Individual approach

We all have an idea of what our ideal home would be like. This is why we understand that people want to give shape to their idea and we provide them with all the tools.


Our architects will offer you an individual and personal approach to design your house.