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LOAN FINANCING self-promoter

Casaconsumocero company in its eagerness to guarantee the entire process and facilitate our clients access to their home, we inform you of the usual process to request a self-promoting loan at your trusted bank.
A modular house, if necessary, is financed exactly the same as a brick house, through a self-promotion loan.

Modular home financed with a loan self-promotion

The self-promotion loan is aimed at individuals to build their own home. In general, all banking entities establish compliance with a series of prerequisites to granting self-promotion credit:

  1. Have the property plot on which the house will be built.
  2. The project for the future home is signed by an architect being endorsed by the corresponding College of Architects.
  3. Having obtained the building license from the City Council where the plot on which the house will be built is located.

With the project of your future home and the building license, you will be able to negotiate with your trusted bank to establish the conditions of the self-promoting loan that will help you finance the construction.


Establishing the borrowed value, interest, and duration of the self-supporting loan will depend on your ability to save money, other outstanding loans, and your income.

The usual thing is that a maximum of between 80 and 85% of the actual amount that you will need is granted and a maximum duration of the mortgage subscription of 30 years.However, as we discussed, it depends on the economic and personal situation of each client and the bank with which the contract is established.

Financing is granted by your bank, or a friendly bank casamaderaeco.com, but it has nothing to do with Casamaderaeco.com.

Each client decides which bank offers the most advantageous conditions for him. Our clients have financed their homes with various banks with La Caixa, Sant ander, BBVA, Bankinter, among others.


We accompanies you in the process:

The objective is design and build homes with the maximum guarantees, our prices and deadlines that are a guarantee of completion. Our aim is to be able to clearly advise you on which house model best suits your needs and, of course, your budget. We work with you from the beginning to achieve the objectives and to be able to achieve success, which for us is: “to manufacture or build your design house”.

What does Financing mean?

We negotiate with entities so that they offer you the best options in terms of mortgage.This step is essential and is the one that usually requires the most effort and time.

We prepare a dossier with all the financial and house documentation, duly updated, and we go at the same time to several banks to get our mortgage approved quickly; consequently, we make an appointment in the office when we have everything ready and complete the report.

We work with the best mortgage professionals in this matter.We are aware that banks will not adequately advise us on our options and investing in independent professionals is a very important future savings. For this reason we have a team of professionals to help us throughout the process.And when everything is decided, it is time to assess. We bear in mind that at most, with exceptions, banks will give us 80% of this value.


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