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Our buildings combine bioconstruction and maximum energy efficiency.

The construction of zero consumption or positive energy provides a healthy space, free of compounds harmful to your health and respectful of the Environment, since this is based on the use of natural materials.

At the same time it will minimize the expense to acclimate (heating /cooling) providing maximum comfort. The fusion of both constructive criteria provides us with health, comfort and savings.

Custom design

Our constructions are made to measure and of the highest quality.

Energy saving

Consumption Zero or positive energy

Economic savings

In the long run the savings will be much higher.

Quick execution

Your home ready to move in in only 8 months

Our Future is everyone’s.

With more than 10 years dedicated to construction, the vision for the future is to build a sustainable site which aims to minimise the impact of construction on the environment to the maximum extent and which aims to reduce energy consumption by harnessing environmental resources for our future, of our people and the planet.

Our mission is to offer a product that responds to the awareness of the population about this problem. Knowing that buildings are responsible for more than a third of the generation of greenhouse gases and 25% of energy consumption, we are one of the most potential markets to have an impact on climate change, warns, so it is necessary to contribute to several factors:

1) Place. “The subject of where I stand, what impact I have on the place where I am getting” .

2) Nature. We do more regenerative projects that incorporate nature and vegetation in all plots where possible.

3) Water. We save water and have projects to capture rainwater, gray water treatment to use again in irrigation or in toilets.

4) Energy. First we reduce the demand for energy through an architecture with passive measures that do not have an overcost such as a convenient shading, proper orientations to the building; second we have efficiency in air conditioning and light equipment. And finally, we have photovoltaic panels.

5) Materials. Very efficient and high quality insulation for very competitive thermal inertia and significant durability.

In consumer houses 0 we have a passion THE ARCHITECTURE and values THE RESPECT FOR THE PLANET, so we take the maximum responsibility in sustainable construction.